Eric Kincaid - Co- Founder.

I have been hunting Ghosts for several
years now, I am on a quest to capture
everything I can. I work with an awesome
team that has the same desire as I do..
Alex Kincaid - Co- Founder.

Ever since I was young, I have had
several personal experiences with the
paranormal. Recently, I encountered a
black apparition standing in our
If you are interested in going on an investigation, or thinking
about joining the team, For a fee, we would love to show you what
we experience. Email us at Look forward to meeting
George Gibbons-  Lead Investigator

I've had several paranormal experiences, both
as a child and as an adult. These are things I
can't explain. I have many questions and now
the time has come for me to find the answers.
Elias Yacob - Photo
Journalist/Periscope Narriator

Shooting video professionally for over
20 years.
Became interested in HAH after being
invited as a guest investigator one day
from Eric Kincaid.
Originally from the northeast and
migrated down to hot and sunny florida
because of the weather.
Jeremiah (JermX) Kincaid - Investigator

Having been with the H.A.H team since
the beginning, I have had my
experiences with other worldly things
that to this day I am not able to
explain. I am here looking for answers.
Travis Anderson -
Events & Media Coordinator

"Originally from the midwest.  My
interest is to help folks connect
with those who've past before