"Thank you so much for coming out to help us last weekend.
You guys really are awesome. I really want to thank you for your
professionalism and knowledge on the subject of the
paranormal. You really made us feel more at ease and
comfortable with what was going on. The evidence you
uncovered really shows us that we are not crazy and there is in
fact some paranormal things going on in our home. What to do
next? I don't know, but we really feel much better now that we
have that validation. Your team is more than welcome to come
investigate our home again in the future. Thanks again!"

Lauren & Kenneth - Naples, FL.(9/12)
"Thank you for experience! You guys are very professional and
dedicated!" - Laura W. - Naples, Fl. (10/12)
"Thank u to the Haunted Apparition Hunters for coming to my
house to help us out. Very professional and appreciate
everything you guys did! Looking forward to the follow up visit.  
Thank you again!! You guys were great! - Pam (2-14)
I just wanted to give recognition to the H.A.H team. Alex, Eric and
George were amazing.  They were very professional, kind and
attentive. I called them to inspect my home due to some very
strange things happening to myself and others In my home. They
came the very next day and captured some amazing footage.  
These three people will always be in my heart due to the fact they
actually care and were the only ones who even attempted to help
me. Thank you very much Alex, Eric and George.  I hope you
continue to help other people that are in the same situation as I.
May God bless you - Crystal Drouillard (4-30-14)
I'm very grateful for the opportunity to have you in my home.
We were very pleased with the investigation. The team was
very professional and dedicated to their job. The equipment
was great and everything was authentic and real. The
paranormal manifestations were true and a little scary. Thank
you for answering many of our questions. You are more than
welcome to come back - Priscilla Miller (1-17-15)
This is my testimonial regarding our experience with THE
were very happy with their extreme professionalism and in
being so involved and complete in there investigation. We
would highly recommmend this crew to anyone in need of
their services. This is a group of highly dedicated wonderful
people that went above and beyond to help us. We are
sincerely grateful for their help in finally getting some
answers to our unsettling experiences here - Dana & Ed L.
Hello, I wanted to thank Eric and the crew so much for
helping us with our Paranormal in Coral Springs Fl. They
didn't charge us a dime to help us and now we know we
are not crazy lol. There was activity going on in the home
and they are the best to solve the problems. I would refer
them to anyone thats having paranormal.
Thank you! God Bless you all!

Delvalle - 3-26-16
Haunted Apparition Hunters, Thank you so much for coming
out last night and investigating. I really appreciate it. Whatever I
can do to repay you fro last night, please let me know! If your
Crew ever wants to do a follow up investigation, We would be
more than happy to have you again. Once again, I extremely
apparitiate your services! Thank you - Matthew 8-14-16